Add a new page
Edit a page
Delete a page
Change the page structure
Create content


Add a new page


1. Click on the «plus» symbol to create a new page. It will be saved as a subpage of the selected page.

2. Fill the form that's appeared on the page.


Register «English»

Mark the checkbox to make the page visible to the website users.

Page Name
The page name appears in the navigation.

Page Title
Will be displayed as the webpage title and is very important for search engines.

Each of these fields is available in each language.

Register «Settings»

The page will redirect to another internal or external page.

Defines whether the page will open in the same window or in a new browser window.
Rule of thumb: If the page links to a page within your website, use «Same Window». If the link leads to an external website, choose «New Window».

Not in menu
The page does not appear in the website's navigation.

A restricted page is only available to a defined user group.


3. Click «Save and close» to save the new page.


Edit a page


1. Click on the pencil-symbol.
2. Edit the opening form (see «Add a new page»).
3. «Save and close». Changes are visible on the website right away!


Delete a page


1. Click on the delete-symbol to delete the page.
: A page can only be deleted, if all of it's content has been removed first.


Change the page structure

The navigation's structure can modified in any way and at any time.

1. Click on the page you would like to move and hold the left mouse button down.
2. Drag and drop the page to desired position.
3. Release the mouse button.


Create content


1. Click on the «plus» symbol at the bottom of the content column on your website.
2. Select the type of element that you would like to add to your page from the dropdown list.

Divides the content into several editable content areas.

Add text and format it.

Create links within the same page, e.g. table of contents.

Add an image from your folders.

Create an image gallery.

Download Document
Add a document from your folders.

Download Folder List
Insert an entire folder structure (folders and files) from your folders.

Add a sitemap. A sitemap shows your Einfügen einer Sitemap. A site map shows your visitors a complete overview of all the pages on your website.

Create forms.

3. Individual content entries depending on the content element.
4. «Save and close» to save the respective content. Changes are visible on the website right away!

Hint: When you are finished editing your website, sign off using the "Logout" button (top right).

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