Design your Website


With the new Settings-module, inCMS «Niche» users have the option to change the appearance of their website and to adapt it to their individual needs.


One basic layout –
endless customization options

Unlike other CMS tools, we offer just one website layout. However, this one template can be adapted in such detail, that the variations are endless. Here are a few examples:

  • Select a background color or upload a background image
  • Would you like a menu with "tabs", fancy buttons or do you prefer simple links?
  • Should the website span the whole width of the browser or should it appear centered?
  • Which font would you like for the first heading, and which font size for the 2nd one? And what color is the paragraph?
  • Would you like a large footer-area with space for your latest blog entries? Or rather no foot area at all?


You couldn't find the desired settings-option? No problem: You can define your own CSS code!

Let your creativity run wild!